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Welcome! This wiki details the story and characters of the Mass Effect Fan Film - Manufactured Alliances, made with Valve's Source Filmmaker.

Manufactured Alliances

Manufactured Alliances is a non-profit project dedicated to building on the thriving Mass Effect universe. With original music and writing, animation, quirky characters, and talented visual art, M.A. strives to deliver a fun and entertaining experience across all forms of media. A project that aspires to achieve what other groups have done to Microsoft's "Halo" universe, the group wishes to create an equivalently epic experience for Mass Effect. Laugh. Cry. Fight. Be captivated by a powerful, rich world waiting to be explored.

Check out the first episode here! 

Manufactured Alliances - (Mass Effect Source Filmmaker SFM Fan Film)

Manufactured Alliances - (Mass Effect Source Filmmaker SFM Fan Film)

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